This is a great program. Came away with practical skills as well as a theoretical framework in which to contemplate those skills.
— Previous program participant

The Surf Lessons*

You’ll have a daily surf lesson from Monday to Friday, right after your morning snack (with coffee!). Surf groups are kept small and the ratio is usually 2-3 students (maximum) with each instructor. You'll be placed with others of the same surf level as you.

You'll learn so much more than just how to stand up on a surf board. You'll be shown how to handle your board safely, plus you'll be taught water safety, board maintenance and storage, and beach and ocean safety. You'll also learn some surf science including wave creation and understanding tides. Most importantly we'll teach you the surfing priority rules to ensure everyone of all levels has a great session.

After your surf lesson you'll head back to the surf camp for a nourishing and well-deserved cooked brunch.

*Be aware that there are some inherent risks to surfing. Please ensure your travel insurance adequately covers you in the event of an accident.

The Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are held in Shaka's private yoga studio. These are available daily and offer a range of different practices from a vinyasa flow to a more gentle yin classes. With instruction for beginners and adjustments for the more advanced you’ll find there’s something for your level.

Plus, there's nothing quite like watching (and being watched by!) a family of local monkeys as you stretch your body and calm your mind. The sounds of the jungle around you and the crash of the waves from the ocean will assist you to get into a truly yogic state of mind.

The Introduction to Mindfulness Program

The course is approximately 6 hours, delivered over three sessions. These will be interspersed across the week to give you time to process and integrate the content. You'll learn concepts and skills and there will be plenty to get you thinking about your life.

The content is aimed at helping you to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry in your life. It's aimed at helping you to rise above self-doubts, fears, and insecurities, break self-defeating habits, improve and enhance positive mood and wellbeing, and to build more satisfying relationships.

You'll learn skills to achieve all these using the techniques of Acceptance & Commitment Training. While this is not a meditation program, you will learn plenty of strategies for getting present, and getting the most out of life. You'll be given exercises to do, to make you think. It's a group program designed to have you reflect on the past and plan for the future. It's not 'group therapy' and there's no pressure to share personal stories beyond your own level of comfort.

The location - the beach, the jungle, the weather, and the surf - make this an amazing opportunity to learn and reflect. Even better is that you'll see how to apply the skills to your everyday life. Remember those holidays where the 'relaxation effect' has worn off two days after you've returned to work? Not this one.