michelle wharton

Your facilitator Michelle is a psychologist, turned surfie, turned surfie-psychologist.

She is trained in scientifically-proven techniques to help people live a better and happier life.


Michelle is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist who has been practicing in Australia since 2008. She has worked with adults, adolescents, couples, and children in private practice in Adelaide, South Australia. She has spent a significant proportion of her career working with adults and adolescents involved in the criminal justice system, both in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Throughout her career Michelle has been committed to assisting people to identify and regulate difficult thoughts and emotions, and to make lasting behavioural changes through identifying both old 'road blocks' and new life paths. Trained in cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (referred to as ‘ACT’), hypnosis, dialectical behaviour therapy, schema therapy, and transactional analysis, amongst others, she has used a combination of these approaches to assist people with problems including anger and aggression, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, personality disorders, relationship problems, child behavioural difficulties, and obsessive and compulsive behaviours.



In 2013, Michelle decided to take a career break from her work in Australia to focus on some of her other life passions - surf, travel, and languages. In preparation for her travels she undertook the surf-instructor training course in Australia and since completing this has been teaching people of all ages to surf on the beautiful beaches of South Australia, Portugal, and Costa Rica. When not working she has been surfing, travelling, learning languages, making beach jewellery, and befriending random dogs.


Surfie Psychologist

Finding daily inspiration and regular moments of mindfulness in these settings inspired Michelle to combine her interests - to teach emotion regulation and values-based living while engaging in ‘mindful’ activities such as learning to surf and yoga. In doing so, Michelle has also found a way to live a life guided by many of her own values – caring, teaching, adventure, creativity, engagement, forgiveness, friendliness, gratitude, and self-care.